We provide internet through the latest technology and the upgraded networking hardware to provide you consistent speed
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  • Unlimited plans
  • LAN connectivity
  • Consistent speeds
Leased Lines
Leased line simply means you will get a dedicated bandwidth through optical fibre or wireless.
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  • 1:1 dedicated bandwidth will be provided
  • 24/7 monitoring and managing
  • 24/7 services
  • public IP'S will be provided
  • Cost effective and Dedicated
Wifi Network
Residential, Corporate and Appartments wifi networks will be provided by us.
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  • Developed a solution for establishment of wifi city
  • Secured and non collision wifi solutions
  • Quick setup
  • Wifi Campus area network
Network Solutions
Our team of networking and security specialists have the credentials and experience to devise, deploy and manage business connectivity solutions designed for today’s challenging workplace environments. Whether your business is wired or wireless, on-site or in the cloud, CityOnline provides proven network technologies that are affordable, scalable and simple to manage.
  • Network solutions for corporate and small skill companies
  • Underground and overhead fibre optic laying
  • Provides network security audit
Security Camera's
Provides residential, corporate, appartments and metropolitan area security vigilance cameras.Sales, Services and Maintainance will be provided by us.We deal with the latest technology like NVR, Cloud based cameras and IP cameras.
  • Security camera sales
  • Reliable service
  • Deals with cloud secured storage
ISP Corporate Training
To reach the maximum potential of a networking corporate solutiions, the quickest road is to take a training from the experts. That is why we offer training classes on all of our products. Each training is delivered by a fully qualified and experienced ISP analyst with extensive industry and product knowledge.
  • Provides corporate training for students and companies
  • Provides technical skill enhancements especially for collages and students
  • Deals with research oriented training
Software Solutions
We sell customized network management softwares.
  • Provides network management softwares
  • Provides customized monitoring tools
  • Customized network user management software for ISP'S

High Speed Internet

& quality home connection Starting @ RS 350 / month

When choosing among the best high speed Internet providers, there are several other factors that should be taken into consideration besides just the available download speeds.


Leased line and LAN connection

Best Selling Plans

High spped and unlimited plans at lowest prices

Wifi Zone

Quick wifi zone setup

Pay Bills (All User)

Pay bills anytime, anywhere

New Connection

Quick setup of your new connection

Secure Internet

We provide secure internet connection.